Hello Fellow Travelers,

My latest life-swerve has veered me to Vermont for an undetermined time. But hey, isn't all of life undetermined really? Well, I'm here for a spell. And what a spell I'm under. I've spent the last few months getting to know what a real winter looks and feels like. Magical deep snows and bitter deep colds have taught me more about New England character than I ever dreamed I'd know. I'm wandering the roads and paths, browsing the general stores and antique shops, and soaking in what makes a life up here, both past and present. And the new friends I'm meeting are a huge gift and inspiration to this southern cornbread girl. I've lived my entire life in Tennessee, and now in my "fully ripe" stage I find myself waaaaay up north. Now look at me, working on a song called, "I Love Yankees"!

The thing that I find so refreshing is that the people I've met and gotten to know here are really warm and inviting, not just cordial. The woman that we rented a furnished house from left us her car to use. What kind of trust is that? And a woman I met at the Subaru dealership while waiting for my car repair, took me snowshoeing on a pristine winter's day and taught me lessons in animal footprints and birdsongs. The lampshade lady just let me go home and try out several handmade lampshades without paying for them. The lady at the Wilburton Inn opened up the place for me to play without even hearing me sing. And while wandering an antique shop, I met the owners...they were so open and tender, we shared a good cry over our dearly departed dogs. How often does that happen? Perfect strangers feeling so familiar....just like that!

This place is beautiful and unspoiled. There are no huge billboards or 6 lane freeways. There are lots of Subaru's and there's lots of organic stuff too! I can't wait to see what the summer brings forth.

Now it's sugar season, so you can stop in at a roadside shack and smell the sweet maple steam coming from the wood-fired vats that are boiling down the sap. The cool air seems crystallized with maple sugar. And the man in the flannel shirt will pour you a little cup of syrup to drink while it's still hot. Yeah, you've got to wade through some mud to get to the Sugar Shack, but it's worth it!

Keep checking in and I'll paint you some new pictures, okay? Okay!

Peace and Love and Goodness upon you,







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